Subsea Valves

Check valves, ball valves and bleed valves that provide reliable solutions for pipelines at a range of sizes and pressures

FES Subsea is proud to provide wide range of subsea valve designs, with a comprehensive design, manufacture, testing and quality assurance programme to ensure all FES Subsea customer requirements are met and valves are supplied to meet project needs.

Check Valves

Solving problems including reverse flow and pressure surges, FES Subsea provides a wide range of check valves to suit any and all client requirements.

Using proven design methodologies and precision manufacturing, FES Subsea retains control over product quality and material traceability – allowing for check valves designed to meet bespoke client specifications.

Sizes available range from 1/8” to 14” and above, with wafer, in-line, cartridge and swing type designs provided. Bespoke designs and engineering capability allow FES Subsea to tailor individual valve designs to meet a range of design pressures, cracking pressures and flow rates, with detailed analysis and testing programmes to ensure operation.

This flexibility in design extends to end connections, with flanged, weld prep, male or female fittings (NPT, BSP, Autoclave etc.) and valve materials including stainless steel 316L, duplex F51, super duplex F51, inconel 625/718 etc.

Ball Valves

With standard and compact designs available, FES Subsea aims to provide ball valves to meet all client needs, with easy-to-use, leak free and long lasting operation.

Sizes range from 1” to 4”+, with design pressures from 0 to 15,000PSI+ and low pressure and high pressure designs ensuring consistent performance at design parameters.

Simple ROV and diver operation is achieved with a range of standard handles, bespoke rocker handles and ROV torque bucket interfaces, designed to meet ROV equipment needs as available on a project-by-project basis.

Bleed Valves

Designed for use in pipeline systems, hydraulic circuits and as an to other products, such as subsea manifolds and control panels FES Subsea bleed valves are a compact, efficient product allowing easy venting and calibration of pressure within fluid lines.

With a one-piece body eliminating welding requirements, precision design and machining allows FES Subsea to supply accurate, easy to operate bleed valves. Port sizes range from 1/8” to 12” and above, with design pressures from 0 to 10,000PSI.


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