Subsea Manifolds and Control Panels

Providing efficient and reliable ROV and diver operation for a range of subsea equipment

Incorporating a range of subsea equipment in a compact, easy-to-use construction, FES Subsea provide subsea manifolds and control panels equipped with a range of valve and interface equipment – allowing compact, cost effective products to provide quick and precise ROV and diver intervention subsea.

Incorporating a range of check valves, ball valves and isolation valves to meet client operational requirements, FES Subsea supplies a range of hot stabs and receptacles built in to subsea manifold and control panel designs, providing testing, pressurisation/depressurisation and chemical injection capabilities.

Design pressures are available up to 15,000PSI, with all associated pipework and fittings supplied and tested along with the manifold/panel assembly.

Mating points to subsea hardware are built into the equipment, while designs have the flexibility to meet structural requirements. ROV docking points and parking equipment can be incorporated into the base manifold/panel design to enable easy ROV use.

Key Features:

  • Pressure range to suit client application, from 0 to 15,00PSI+
  • Diver and ROV operable interfaces
  • Incorporating a range of valves and subsea accessories
  • Designed to accommodate FES Subsea hot stabs, and standard API/ISO hot stabs
  • Supplied with associated pipework and fittings
  • Designed to be integrated with client’s subsea hardware

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